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How “We Unequivocally Know” That Both Of The Contradictory Biblical Nativity Stories (& All 4 Fables-Gospels) Are Fabricated Anonymous Sectarian Fictions & “Pretend World” Mutating Dreamscape Theological Constructs (aka Bullshitism or Birth Of Yet Just Another Levant Failed Apocalyptic Death Cult Blood Magic Superhero Mythomania)

(Author’s note – The easy to understand blunt from the start title of this post may seem perhaps a long title, strange or even humorous to some readers at first glance (heck, maybe even torturously boring long and nauseatingly esoteric obscure hocus pocus theological and magical thinking sounding), however it is quite apt and proven…

And The Day After Biblical Yahweh-Jehovah Cacodemon Godling Was Made He Said…”Do Not Do As The Hyperboreans, For I Don’t Know If They Exist” (It’s Sort Of Stupid That Way)…aka Birth Of The Puny Iron Age Yahwehism Blood Magic Tribal Apocalyptic Death Cult Genie-Deity

This brief blog post was some interesting information I came across which is connected to and explores further a few things I mentioned at my first post on this blog at “National Security Alert: Foreign Telescamvangelists, Cults, Sects”. Namely, about the real Bronze Age and Iron Age origins of later Abrahamic religions and their various…

National Security Alert: Why Croatia (& other countries) Should Immediately Ban & Imprison Foreign Televangelists & Other Subversive Mind Control Cults/Sects (+Videos)

(Viewpoints and information presented here do not necessarily reflect the viewpoints of, nor should they be attributed to, FIS-Ski, FINA, IHF, FIFA, SAG-AFTRA, WFC, WWF, UPU, UNESCO, WMO, WWE, IWMI, ITF, ICMP, Yum! Brands, Inc., Phillips 66, Hostess Brands, ExxonMobil or their affiliates, directors or officers. All information found therein is from the mentioned sources (alleged…

Image from the Zagreb Cathedral corner vault ceiling; showing Hyperborean after breaking free of the spells, chains and shackles of the theocratic mind trap-mind prison put in place by the abominable cosmocrats godhead (which is guarded by their earthly minion acolytes and spurious pseudo-sorcerers, but alas…their futile epoch is ended, the true serpent is revealed and has at last been truly exposed for what it was not and for who it verily truly was….”they”…”the surreptitious one…”the masquerading bloodhungry cosmocrat godling cacodemon-chameleon” deceiving the whole world…for unknown to them all the while crows in the treetops and flying overhead were privy to the entire misanthropic charade and delusive spectacle taking place below and thus flying away told the tale that must be told…”Only serpents create serpents!..a great abominable trick and crime has been made!…Caw! Caw!…only serpents beget serpents!!!” they warned, and thus it was so), a Hyperborean who is now impervious to Bronze/Iron Age desert blood magic witchcraft and godling temple necromancy, metamorphosed with authority and mastery simultaneously holding tails of the nefarious Zoroastrian Yahweh-Jehovah desert tribal warrior cacodemon-godling deity and his other subterfuge personality and identity Azazel the Diabolos-Devil, before casting them both into the eternal void (into the nebulous timeless smoothie blender where even no former contemptuous scoundrel prophets can exist to diabolically conjure them back to life with blood feast pageants or their black magic deserts spellcraft incantations and foolish fables, just as foretold by the renowned ancients and paragons of rectitude since the long past millenniums of yore…even the forests rejoice for “they” is no more), thus the thrice prophesied 13th moon ushered in the new glorious final eternal epoch just as foretold and the great Power Cosmic returned to its rightful owners, thereafter far beyond the most far-off distant galaxies and planets Hyperborean guards stand as ever-present sentinels, the watchers at the outer rim protecting and ensuring the long awaited equilibrium of the cosmos…and there the cacodemon-godling squirmed and wailed to be let back in (even threatening melting mountains, Zoroastrian fire, Egyptian fire lakes, blood rivers, many boils and multitudes of chariots, scorpions and torah-zombies priests armies if they did not)…as they instead nodded and agreed amongst themselves in unison…”…and serpents will beget serpents nevermore”.

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